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Are you in need of a top pediatric dentist near Dallas, TX that accepts Medicaid? If so, Fresca Dental is for you! Our board-certified pediatric dentists see children of all ages, from 6-months-old until they are headed off to college!

Our local Dallas dentist office is designed with convenience in mind - your entire family can receive quality dental care in the same place!

Our Pediatric Dentists Are Board-Certified

In addition to providing a dental office designed for the whole family, Fresca Dental has only board-certified pediatric dentists on staff. Dentists that hold this special distinction undergo additional training and testing to ensure the safest and most advanced care for the littlest smiles.

At Fresca Dental, our entire dental team takes the time to get to know each and every pediatric patient. We know that healthy teeth start at home, which is why we provide both kids and parents with education to keep smiles healthy in-between visits.

Our kids dental team offers the following gentle services:

Your Child's First Dental Visit

During your child's first dental visit, our pediatric dental specialists will conduct a first dental appointment consisting of a gentle exam and x-rays. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children during the visit. Feel free to ask all the questions you'd like!

Once the examination is over, we will provide you and your child with a treatment plan based on their current oral health.

Checkups and Preventive Care

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) recommends that both adults and children see a dentist for a checkup at least every 6 months. When your child attends their scheduled visits, our pediatric dentists will ensure that their teeth, gums, and oral structures are as healthy as possible. Does your child have existing dental issues? Are they beginning orthodontic treatment? Our dentists may recommend more frequent checkups.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our goal is to keep your child's mouth cavity-free, but if they ever do suffer one, our team has you covered. We treat cavities using safe, mercury-free fillings that can be shaded to match your child's natural smile!

Dental Crowns For Children

If your child suffers an accident or develops a significant cavity, our pediatric dentists may recommend a dental crown to help reinforce their tooth. Just like fillings, dental crowns can be shaded to match the rest of your child's teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal & Tooth Extractions For Kids

If your child's tooth is suffering from bad decay, or is being crowded by other teeth and cannot erupt, we may recommend a gentle extraction. Many people don't know it, but when dental extractions are performed early in life, more significant problems are less likely to develop in the future.

And, if you have a teen, be sure to ask about our signature wisdom tooth removal services!

Sedation Dentistry For Kids In Dallas, TX

Is your young child facing a long dental procedure? Does your child have special healthcare needs, or do they suffer from anxiety in the dental chair? We offer safe sedation dentistry services to keep them completely calm throughout the entire treatment.

Special Needs Dentist For Kids

At Fresca Dental, we only hire board-certified pediatric dentists who have received training in treating kids with special healthcare needs. If you have any questions about their qualifications, feel free to contact our children's dental center prior to your appointment.

Questions About Our Kids Dentistry Services?

Our Dallas dental office provides dentistry for children of all ages. Call us today to schedule your child's dental appointment!

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